SIMSBURY: Big Box Stores Are Menace To Rural Character

December 4 2006

What a sense of town spirit I witnessed recently when the Simsbury High School men's soccer team won the state championship! Hundreds of Simsbury residents loudly cheered for their team. Similarly, I would like to see more of my fellow citizens become just as vocal about their opposition to the impending River Oaks application to be submitted by Konover Development.

At issue is the potential development of big-box stores on Route 10 at the southern entrance to Simsbury. As a member of SHARE (Simsbury Homeowners Advocating Responsible Expansion), I don't want to see big-box development in our beautiful town beyond the immediate boundaries of Route 44. I don't want Route 10 to become a four-lane highway housing big-box stores and strip malls. We don't need Simsbury to become like the Berlin Turnpike, Buckland Hills or for that matter, like Route 44! I don't want all that traffic in our town!

I attended, along with hundreds of other Simsbury residents, the past two public forums held by the Simsbury zoning commission where the topic of limiting the size of retail development was discussed. I can't tell you how disappointed I was at the lack of respect that some of the commission members showed toward several citizens as they took turns speaking. The commissioners' disrespectful and condescending conduct to the people who elected them left me feeling embarrassed that this is how some of our town officials carry out "the people's business."

Mr. Dunny Barney, chairman of the zoning commission, seems to not believe that there are many residents who feel the same way I do, not to mention that SHARE has over 2,300 members so far.

I urge you all to become vocal and show the Simsbury spirit and pride that you have for our town. I urge you to please tell our town officials that you expect to be treated with respect and that your voices should be listened to and taken seriously with regard to your opposition to Big Box development in Simsbury.

Meghan Lucker, Simsbury

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